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09 August 2012 @ 09:43 pm
Lucid Dreaming [Zelda: SS]  
Title: Lucid Dreaming
Characters: Link/Zelda, Ghirahim/Zelda
Rating: NC-17
: He smiles a wicked, devilish smile.
A/N: This takes place in the universe of my other fanfiction, Who By Fire, so I would suggest reading it before this. However, this can be read alone.

Warning: Dub-con.


“ The devil follows me day and night, because he is afraid of being alone.” - Francis Picabia


She is pushed against something, a bed, soft silk sheets and -

Hands slide, slither up her legs, beneath the sheer fabric of her dress, across her calves, past her knees, and in between them -

Someone speaks into her ear, a low, licentious growl, their hair tickling her cheek as she turns away, blushing -

Zelda opens her eyes, to see Link, her Link, pinning her from above, smiling a wicked, devilish smile, eyes so blue as to be silver -

The silver is not his eyes, she realizes, but the color of his hair, the whiteness of his skin, splintered with ebony, like thin onyx veins shot through marble. She blinks, and he's Link again – no, another, not Link  - his pale lips peel back from sharp teeth, smiling a wicked, devilish smile.

And then he kisses her, erotic, repulsive, so harsh it chokes her. She's burning up, boiling from the inside, and where his fingers grip her face there seems to spill a fiery heat, which thunderbolts through her.

He's Link again, with soft blue eyes, gentle hands as they ghost up her torso, lips murmuring words of love against her face, kissing her neck, his skin so soft as she slides her hands beneath his tunic -

He grabs her wrists and forces them above her head, viciously, laughing a low, gritty snicker – you want this, you like this, he's never done this before, has he? He couldn't find your clit with a map, could he? - Ghirahim runs the full length of his tongue beneath her jaw, slicking down her neck, while one hand rips open her dress, that same hand squeezing her breast so hard his fingernails leave marks on her flesh -

She runs her hands down his back, between the shoulder blades, fingertips slipping past scars, and he chuckles warmly into neck when she finds a ticklish spot. Zelda laughs, moans quietly when his lips suck over her collarbones, teeth nipping -

From the vanity glows a few tallow candles, casting thin golden light into the mirror, from which she can see their reflections; but the Zelda in the mirror is not her, because she writhes and begs beneath him, as his sharp teeth scrape down her belly, crooning the most vile words to her as he does – look at you, sweet, Zelda...Goddess – begging for me like a backalley whore, imagine the look on his face if you did such things, sweet, Zelda..Goddess -

Link circles her kneecap with kisses, ticklish, making her laugh, harder when his fingers trickle up her leg. He calls her endearing words, spoken in dulcet tones, even as she wraps her legs around him to pull him nearer, his body settling comfortably against hers -

Ghirahim is not gentle, nor sweet, nor patient, nor anything Link is when he takes her, savagely, without warning or respite. His fingers knot painfully into her golden hair, jerking her head back as he fucks her from behind, and she moans wildly– He's never made you cum, has he, that incompetent boy, fumbling into your skirts when the mood suits him, always finishing first -

Tears wet her cheeks, ones Link wipes away, forehead pressing against hers. Their breathing mingles warmly, a flush on their cheeks, her eyes glossy. He watches as she breathes, slowly in and out, the candlelight making soft hollows in her beautiful face -

His fingernails rake open scratches across her shoulders, breath whitehotsilver against the nape of her neck as he kisses it feverishly, bent over her, growling and grunting, both his hands slipping around her throat, all twenty fingers, choking her pale -

She traces patterns across his chest, lazy, swirling, resting her head upon his shoulder, pressed close.  He runs a few fingers through her hair, letting it fall across her back, staring at her in the early dawn. He says all the things she wants to hear, his voice lulling her into sleep, his voice like a hushaby -

He comes across her stomach, hissing her name through clenched teeth, gripping her legs in hands like claws. She flushes a seething hot red as he eyes her, spread beneath him, panting. Jamming a few fingers into her, he makes her come again, smiling a wicked, devilish smile – sweet, Zelda...Goddess – I wonder how many times I can make you cum before you beg me to stop, how much this frail, human body can take – what I can do to you, to make you never leave me...sweet, Zelda...Goddess -

- she wakes to find herself alone, sweating, panting like she's run for her life, tears and snot slicking her face, alone in her bedroom, the same as it's ever been.