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Here, you'll find fanworks from various series like Bleach, Black Butler and The Legend of Zelda. I mostly write fanfiction, but you'll find the occasional fanart or icons post too.  Along with fanworks, from time to time I'll post about fandom as well.

I've discontinued writing for Bleach, so right now I'm mostly writing for the Zelda series. However, all of my Bleach fanfictions are still up.

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Bleach 540

Yawn. Pretty tired of your twist-endings, Kubo. Once again, Ichigo gets the special-snowflake treatment or something ~*amazing*~ happens that could only happen to him. It's sad, because I used to love Ichigo, but now I just roll my eyes whenever he pops up.

Still, I appreciate Kubo's efforts to tie everything together where it makes a semblance of sense. Juggling all of Ichigo's specialness has to be difficult.


I'd like to start experimenting more with my art.

Different color pallets, more dynamic poses, better backgrounds, stuff like that. But what I just can't get past is my need to make everything a draw a finished piece. I can't just slap down a drawing and call it a practice doodle (like I need to do more often). Everything I draw has to be finished. It's one reason why I produce so little art compared to my writing. And if I want to start experimenting more, I need to practice.